Developing The Ohio State University Research Park

SciTech Welcomes New Tenants to the Research Park

Jan 2016
Ikove Venture Partners (IVP) is located at 1330 Kinnear Road.  Ikove is a "Startup Nursery" focusing on identifying high potential "Concept" technologies currently in development at leading US Universities and creating the right ecosystem for those technologies to develop into successful startups.

Sep 2015
Acoustech Systems, LLC is located at 1305 Kinnear Road. Their groundbreaking technology empowers manufacturers' existing equipment to use high-power, ultrasonic technology. Its introductory product is an innovative system that dramatically improves metalworking capabilities with ultrasonic performance on new and existing manufacturing equipment by applying intense acoustical vibrations to conventional cutting tools with a collet. One that fits its customers’ machines, uses their tools, and can be operated by their employees without extensive training.